Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We make party.

A large German doorman recently asked me in front of a club if I wanted “to make party tonight?”

Deep down in my heart of hearts I knew I wanted to make party, but nobody had ever posed that question in that manner to me before. I was suddenly overcome with a new sense of power. It was as if my destiny of debauchery was passed over from the German team in the opening ceremonies of an Olympic rage-fest, and it was up to me to take that torch of twistedness over the finish line, stumbling across if need be.

Sometimes you plan a party, other times you happen upon one, but there are those great instances where you just Make Party.

During Winter Music Conference, HOJB made party at the Kidz In The Hall & U-N-I show at The Fifth.

They brought the ladies. They brought the bikinis. They brought such an utter party-vigor that would have made that beefy doorman quiver with intimidation, I'm sure.

When they left that night, just about everyone left with them. When you make party, you can take party.

This had to be exactly what he was talking about.


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Seasons said...

Hey. Loving your stuff. I was just wondering if you had a store front in new york or maybe orlando. Really wanted to check out your stuff when I travel in the next few months.