Wednesday, March 11, 2009

As if Art Basel wasn't enough to get heads turnin'...

the Winter Music Conference should seal the deal ;)

Your fav girls and their renowned swim swagger will be showing it all off on the 24th. So mark your calendars and get your beach bods ready ladies, the night's gonna be ill.

Oh but wait, we ain't done!

We've got a hand in hosting that as well.

So everyone at the Conference, and fo sho everyone in Miami, come out and show some love!

See you there...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Miami Fashion Show: A Retrospection

A relaxing day at the beach was soon interrupted (after our judgment had been slightly impaired by a few drinks at the pool) when we realized what time it was. Jackie and Emily were expecting us to be showered and ready in an hour. Oops.

Call time was at 5pm, which Gia (stylist, make-up artist, best friend of Jackie) and I were a little late to, partly due to my intense walk through the streets of Miami looking for a video cam charger. $75 for that by the way. Trip is turning out a tad pricier than expected. Whatever. So we arrive. Turns out the guy that was supposed to come through with lights… well… didn’t, so to avoid total blackness the girls had to run out and buy some, another unexpected expense for the Jackie Brown account. They weren’t optimum for viewing fabric detail and pattern intricacy, but hey, better than nothing.

So Bam! Hair and makeup start. A man named Kim was blow-drying girls in front of one full-length mirror while Gia set up shop on a workout bench. Oh, didn’t I mention our green room was the hotel’s sorry excuse for a gym? No? Oh. Well it was. It was a gym with a rubber floor full of holes perfect for tripping anyone in heels, which we all happened to be wearing.

The girls were looking fabulous and I was running around taking pictures, video, and making the models tiny plates of hors d'oeuvres from the free food table. The fact that the “behind the scenes” wasn’t very behind at all—it was actually right next to the pool area/catwalk with the door open—made the audience a whole part of the experience. They could come check out the suits close up, talk to the minds behind the designs, and see what, exactly, a production like this entails. And with all of the live visual art being created everywhere, models preparing for the runway seemed to fit right in to the performance.

After three hours of prep, the show was to start. Without a microphone it was somewhat of a jumpstart actually. Emily, being a model herself, started the line-up and the rest followed with grace.

These girls Killed It, and that must be applauded because a few of them had been just picked off the shores of South Beach that very day. After everything ended, we were left with a buzzing crowd and an impressed audience, but what was there not to be impressed about?

Needless to say, HOJB made a obvious splash in Miami.

Stay tuned...