Friday, March 12, 2010

Miami Nights

HOJB wreaking havoc all across Miami.

Jackie chillin' with Ice T & Coco. NoBigDeal.

Lucky fellas gettin' some love from Ashton.

Gone Wild with Joe Francis.


A little taste of what's to come.

Emily and Jackie modeling for the Jungle Juice Lookbook.
Brave girls frolicking in the NYC blizzard.

Check our website soon for the real deal.


Roxy Cottontail

Our girl killed it at our fashion show/pool party at the Grace Hotel.

Ms. Cottontail is all up in the business of throwing sick parties and making hot music. This lady is an infamous hustler who uses her promoting and DJ-ing skills to bring people together from the hip hop and fashion worlds.

Check our her website for upcoming events, shows, and everything in between (including her hot new mixtape):


Brooklyn meets South Beach

Behind the scenes at our Thomas Deal photo shoot.


Behind the Fist Pumping

@ MIA Biscayne

Shoutouts to Sonia and Karin for the AWESOME hair and make up for the show.
We love the purple braids and painted eyes.


Topless Topple

What begins as an innocent game of topple...

...turns into a game of strip tease.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Movin' on up.

House of Jackie Brown doing it big backstage at Mansion in Miami.