Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Board Up Miami!

You don’t have to be an urban-chic New Yorker nor a flashy Miami beach-goer to enjoy the fruits of Electric Couture. True, lounging poolside somewhere in the Hamptons or a hotel rooftop (because the nearest body of water is the Central Park lake) is ideal for showing off the suits. Also, the Brazilian cut bottoms fit right into the less-is-more attitude of South Beach fashion, which can be rated on a chili pepper scale ranging from 1 to 5.

However, sporty, active chicks from anywhere are starting to get wind of this new, sexy… uniform.

Back in May, HOJB did a fashion show at the extreme/water sports expo, Board Up Miami. It was a great chance to say, “Hey, Skater Surfer girls, we got shit you won’t fall out of.”

If I’m at the beach and a wave hits me at the wrong angle, there’s a fair chance I’ll be completely naked from the waste up. And hey, depending on the sheer brute tidal force, maybe waste down as well. But with our halter one-pieces and bra-like support tops, these girls can concentrate on hangin’ ten and not hangin’ tits, if you know what I mean.

So tell your lady friends that actually use their muscles at the beach, HOJB’s got you too.


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JMarie said...

hi guys! We had a great time at your fashion show at Plunge. Put up a video on our site with Jaclyn and the models.