Monday, November 23, 2009

Greenhouse Tuesdays

I <3 90s night

and the bus boy.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

woah Woah WOAH!

In fact, we've been quite lively as of late, just not in respect to the blog. My deepest apologies.

Let's see, what's new:

We've made it to the cover of ACCLAIM. no Big DEAL. Granted, these photos were taken with my phone over the photographer's shoulder-that wasn't annoying or anything I'm sure. But you get the picture.. literally.

The issue is set to hit stands in Jan. so stay tuned and keep your little eyes wide open.

In other news, we're at Greenhouse Tuesdays now. This week: bikini-clad go-go dancers? Um, YES.

We're auditioning dancers Tuesday mid-afternoon to early evening. I'll put up the info tomorrow morning I promise. Come out and shake it!

All in all, we've been doing a lot, I just haven't been documenting it.
Shame on me.

More to come...