Friday, April 2, 2010

Welcome to Hollywood

Oh LA is gettin' It IN these days.

Have You Seen Him?

Wilfredo Gomez ladies and gents.. Poolside at the Roosevelt hotel with HOJB? Someone's Makin' it in America..

Aye papi, chu know!

A bit of HOJB trivia, where does Jaclyn York get her name from?

Is this what happens when pot is decriminalized? On the ballot now yo!

Jungle Juice Safari

Meeno likey grass in the ass.
Behind the scenes Meeno photoshoot, hot damn!

We have a way with the ladies...

Take it easy girls. God knows CA doesn't need anymore wild fires...

Bounce little kitty, Bounce little kitty!

Some artists have inspiration walls... we have this...

Love to Sharon Rose for the hair and make up!

Thanks a lot... for your art, and for channeling the movie Mad Max.

When I first interviewed the girls for the write up of Jungle Juice, I asked the typical, "who are your style icons" question. First up was Punky Brewster, pictured above.

Making little boys' and girls' dreams come true every day.


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