Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HOJB Pajammy Jam

When you design pretty little things that require the showing of bare skin, you often get in the mood to get naked. Or close to naked. So we decided to throw a classic PJ Party.

Cute boys in boxers.

Sexy ladies in their skivvies.

And plenty of fun party games to keep the night moving along.

For example,

The Spank-Off


Hump the Face

and the typical Pillow Fight turned Wrestling Match.

Upon reviewing these pictures, there's one game that looks like it could be called Show Your Butt, but I didn't remember much at that point.. and should probably refrain from posting those...

All in all, an intimate candlelit gathering steadily turned into a scandalous debauchery.
You gotta come to the next one ;)

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