Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Check it out.

We haven’t really blown up anything that isn’t our own as of yet, but we’d like to. The perfect first is Jason Itzler, our dear friend and Superpimp in every definition of the word.

Best known for owning New York Confidential, the hottest and most successful escort agency in the world, Mr. Itzler is writing a book about his life. I can see the steam rising from the pages already.

This deserves a thorough read because one of his clients was the highly publicized horn-dog Tiger Woods:

“Here was this kid who was being treated like a God. He was young and so wide-open, and I could see how much he loved pussy. He was addicted right away.
Liquid had the hottest girls in America, and this was a gold digger, star-fucker place. South Beach was always fun and free. The girls circled around Tiger like he was gold.”

The book entitled Superpimp is being shopped around to publishers now, so, hopefully I can get my copy soon.
It sounds delicious.

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